Next sessions begin March 13, 2018

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8-Week Yoga Sessions
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NEW Drop-In for 2018!

Mondays 10-11am, starting Jan 8
Find relief from stiffness and achiness all over in the new Deep Stretch Chair Yoga! Seated on and standing behind chairs, we focus exclusively on gentle, longer stretches to release common areas of stiffness such as the neck & shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips and hamstrings. Perfect for anyone looking for a gentle practice or does not want to get up and down off the floor. Great for beginners. All levels welcome.

​​Meet the rest of the drop-ins:​​

Energizing Chair Yoga

Tuesdays & Thursdays​​
Improve strength, balance and flexibility. No getting up and down from the floor! Chair Yoga is perfect for all ages and abilities. 

Seniors' Gentle Yoga

Fridays 10-11am 
Explore floor positions with various props for support. Designed for seniors but open to all.

Yoga Passes also make great gifts!
$30 for 5 classes / $60 for 10
Yoga passes are a quick and affordable way to get the benefits of yoga! These passes are valid for daytime drop-in classes only (Includes Deep Stretch Chair Yoga, Energizing Chair Yoga & Seniors Gentle Yoga. Not valid toward 8-week sessions)

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Want to try yoga . . .
(but are secretly afraid)?

​​ All you need is WILLINGNESS.
(and finding the right class to start with!)

It's called a practice for a reason.  We come to work on our strength, flexibility and balance,  little by little, moment by moment. Your body is amazing. You are stronger than you realize.  I want to help you love and accept your body, by encouraging you to be 
compassionate toward yourself  and by giving you the tools to take care of it. 
Hey Miramichi,
​​If you're thinking, "I'm not flexible enough" or "I don't have the right body type,"  then YOGA IS FOR YOU.
Yoga is for all bodies and fitness levels. 
After all, your body is the only one you'll have
for the rest of your life!

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