What does Yoga Magnificat mean?

Pronounced: mag-ni-fi-kaht

When I started teaching yoga, I wanted a studio name that would reflect the heart of my passion for yoga. The word Magnificat is latin for Magnifies. It is also the name of the song Mary sings in Luke 1:39-56, on being blessed to carry Jesus and reflecting this blessing back to God. In essence, the Magnificat means "My soul magnifies the Lord." Yoga Magnificat, then, means "yoga that magnifies the Lord."

In my personal practice, yoga can become a moving meditation and prayer. I'll take the Psalms and move with the words until they sink deeper than head-knowledge. For me, I need the physical to help me embody and carry the Scriptures into the soul.

If you're interested, I offer a donation-based Christ-centred class once a month, called YogaFaith

So there you have it. If you have a similar story or questions about my faith, yoga or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

About YogaFaith

YogaFaith is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance, which I attended in March 2016, and received my 200-hour registered yoga teacher designation  and R-YFT (Registered YogaFaith Teacher).  As one of the few Christian yoga schools registered with Yoga Alliance, YogaFaith's focus is always "Jesus First, Yoga Second." Here is more of its mission statement, from  www.YogaFaith.org :

Our mission at YogaFaith is The Greatest Commandment: To love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor just the same. YogaFaith seeks to holistically develop disciples to realize their anointing, heal the brokenhearted, set captives free and share the love of God throughout the world. We at YogaFaith, want to intimately connect people to Christ; mind, body, spirit and soul. We strive to train up world class leaders as well as redeem biblical principles from yogic techniques. Our teachings are centered on the Bible, the complete and authoritative Word of God acts as our guide in all that we do and seek. (Mark 12:28­32, Isaiah 61)

YogaFaith trains professional and knowledgeable yoga instructors with studies that center around Christ, and the Word of God, while honoring the roots & traditions of yoga. It is our goal to facilitate our students in finding wholeness; mind, body, soul, and spirit through encountering Christ on and off a yoga mat. We celebrate who God created you to be and focus on cultivating your God-given unique gifts, talents, abilities and leadership skills to help others discover wholeness as well as their unique gifts.

YogaFaith equips trainees with a comprehensive education in scripture study, yoga, a disciplined practice, and a compassionate lifestyle so that each may journey into all the World and help others through Christ and yoga to find healing; mind, body, soul, and spirit. Our core belief is that once an individual finds true healing, their home is restored, then their community, then their city, state and soon the world will see revival.