Drop-In Classes

Getting ready for your first time?
Here are some helpful tips for your first yoga class!
Don't be fooled: Chair Yoga can be quite the workout! Though we modify yoga poses seated on a chair or using a chair while standing, you can always scale this practice up or down depending on how your body feels from class to class.

The MOST accessible type of yoga, this class is perfect for ALL body types. It is also ideal for anyone who has difficulty getting up and down off the ground or just want a supported practice.

 ​No experience required and open to all. Not hot.

Chair Yoga
10:00-11:00 AM

​10:00-11:00 AM

$8/class OR
​$6 with pre-paid card

Why aren't there more drop-in classes?

I am currently moving away from drop-in classes and toward more yoga sessions. Since yoga is a practice, this format encourages participant commitment to their practice. It also ensures a more intimate, more personalized class. As a teacher, I get the chance to know who is going to be there and, as a result, what  and how I will teach.

What if I own a pre-paid card and am not interested in Chair Yoga?
Some of you purchased pre-paid cards at $8/class during the summer. I will still honor your card in two ways:

1. You may deduct your remaining card balance from a session fee  OR

2. You may use your pre-paid card on a drop-in basis until it is finished. After which, these pre-paid cards will no longer be sold and the $12 drop-in fee will apply.

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All classes held at  
Sovereign Community Church in Douglastown (302 Big Ferry Rd)