8-Week Classes​: October 2017

The benefits of yoga come with consistent and frequent practice. These 8-week sessions aim to encourage commitment and progress. 

Yoga Elements

Yoga Elements is not just your average Beginner's Yoga class! Instead of showing you a series of poses to copy, I will be grouping them according to their benefits on specific parts of the body.  For example, one class will focus on strength and stretches for the lower back while the next, we will focus on core (and how that also strengthens the lower back!). This class aims to help you understand the purpose and function of each pose and to  help you cultivate your own intuitive knowledge about what your body needs and which poses to practice accordingly.

Recommended for beginners. Must be able to place some pressure on knees and wrists. 
OCT 30 - DEC 18 (8 CLASSES)
MONDAYS    7:00-8:00 PM

$70 early bird (before Oct 17)
$80 after deadline

Yoga Burn

​​Yoga Burn is a sweaty strength, muscle toning and cardio class combining yoga with bodyweight exercises. Feel out of shape? No worries. Every part of Yoga Burn is designed with modifications so you can take the class at your own pace. ​​

For all levels. Not recommended for those with limited mobility or inability to place pressure on knees and wrists.
OCT 24-DEC 19*
No class on Halloween

5:30-6:30 PM

$130 early bird (before Oct 17)
$155 after deadline


Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss is the ultimate in relaxation yoga! Release muscle tension and emotional stress through flowing and static stretches to warm and open up the body. Essential oils like lavender and citrus are used to lift and enhance the mood.

Recommended for beginners and anyone looking for a gentle practice. Must be able to get up and down off floor.
THURSDAYS   7:00-8:00 PM

$70 early bird (before Oct 17)
$80 after deadline

Rock Your Curves Yoga

Are you an abundant bodied person who has felt too insecure to try yoga? Or, have you tried yoga classes before, only to feel left out and frustrated? Rock Your Curves Yoga will help you experience basic yoga poses over 6 weeks of progressive classes to increase your strength, flexibility and balance. In addition, we will cover breathing techniques and mindfulness to cultivate an inner language of self-acceptance, compassion and confidence.  

Class limited to 10 participants for optimal teacher-student attention. Options available for those with difficulty getting up and down off floor.
OCT 24 - DEC 19* (8 CLASSES)
No class on Halloween

TUESDAYS   7:00-8:00 PM

$80 early bird (before Oct 17)
$90 after deadline

The 6-week sessions gives you the best value in class fees; however, if you cannot register for a session, you may drop in to the above classes (except Rock Your Curves) for $12/class.  

Please note:

If you cannot make the dates for the current 6-week classes, please sign up for my newsletter for notification of the next registration phase.  
Send me that newsletter! 

All classes held at  
Sovereign Community Church in Douglastown ( 302 Big Ferry Rd )