8-Week Classes​: March 2018

The benefits of yoga come with consistent and frequent practice!​
The 8-week sessions gives you the best value in class fees; however, you may drop in to the classes below for $12/class. 

Sale on Multiples until March 2!
Enjoy TWO 8-class sessions for just $135.
One session is $70 (reg. $80)

Yoga Elements

Yoga Elements is not just your average Beginner's Yoga class! Each class has an anatomical focus: core, neck and shoulders, low back, hips and sacrum, and so forth. Each class will have a mix of strength, flexibility and balance poses for a well-rounded practice. Don't just go through the motions: Here, we learn the function behind the form. Practice smarter. 
Recommended for beginners. Must be able to place some pressure on knees and wrists. Not hot.
MAR 13 - MAY 1 (8 CLASSES)
TUESDAYS   7:00-8:00 PM

$70 early bird (before Mar 2)
$80 after deadline

Yoga Bliss

Yoga Bliss is the ultimate in relaxation yoga! Roll out your mat in a candle-lit room and take a load off. We will soothe away muscle tension and emotional stress through flowing and static stretches to open the body. Each week will focus on an area of the body to release: the hips, low back, neck and shoulders, for example. Essential oils like lavender and citrus are used to lift and enhance the mood. This is the perfect place to pamper yourself!

Recommended for beginners and anyone looking for a gentle practice. Must be able to get up and down off floor. Not hot.
MAR 15 - MAY 3 (8 CLASSES)
THURSDAYS   7:00-8:00 PM

$70 early bird (before Mar 2)
$80 after deadline

Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn is designed to make you sweat! 
This is a beat-pumpin',  strength-building, muscle-toning and cardio class combines Power Flow Yoga with bodyweight exercises. We also explore balance and flexibility poses for added agility.  A progressive class, Yoga Burn will begin with slower holds and simpler poses, then build up to more creative sequences and transitions. I offer loads of modifications to make it easier or harder to help you progress in your skill level.

Recommended for those who have been physically active before or are  already active. Not recommended if you are brand-new to exercise  or cannot place weight on the hands and knees. No yoga experience required.
​Not hot.
MAR 13 - MAY 3
5:30-6:30 PM

$135 early bird (before Mar 2)
$155 after deadline

$70 early bird (before Mar 2)
$80 after deadline
  1. beginners yoga Miramichi NB
    Yoga Elements class practicing their Warrior 2
  2. yoga burn power yoga Miramichi NB
    Yoga Burn class stretching it out after a good sweat!
  3. Relaxation restorative yoga class Miramichi NB
    All blissed out in Yoga Bliss!

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All classes held at  
Sovereign Community Church in Douglastown ( 302 Big Ferry Rd )