Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are frequently asked questions regarding the 8-week sessions. As a busy mom of two, I understand that life gets messy. I will do what I can to help you get the most out of your registration! 

Wahoo! How do I register and secure my spot?
Payment in full prior to class is required to secure your spot. Just filling out the form does NOT complete registration. The steps for registration are as follows:

  1. Complete the registration form for your selected class(es). 
  2. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive an email from me ([email protected]) to arrange payment by e-transfer, cash or cheque. 
  3. After I have received your payment, I will send you a second email with a receipt and specific program details. You have then completed registration for the class.

Gah! I missed the last registration phase or could not commit. Can I drop in?
Yes! Drop ins are welcome at $12 a class. Cash, cheque or e-transfer is accepted.

What if I miss classes during my 8-week session?
  • For 8-class participants: You can make up to a maximum of 3 classes with any other class that I offer.
  • For 16-class Yoga Burn participants: You can make up to a maximum of 6 classes with any other class that I offer.
    E.g. If you're in Yoga Bliss and miss a class, you could make it up with Yoga Elements or Yoga Burn. You may even use the daytime drop-in classes (Chair and Seniors' Yoga) to make up your missed session class. 

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
Alas, your registration is non-transferable. Also, sharing registrations with others is not allowed (to avoid tears and name-calling). If you find yourself unable to complete your session, please contact me about possible options.

What happens when class is cancelled?
Should class be cancelled due to inclement weather or if I am a contagious mess, I will notify you by email and on my Yoga Magnificat Facebook page . Please ensure you have "Liked" my page to receive up-to-date notifications. We will make up any missed classes on another day of the week, as agreed by the majority of participants. In the meantime, enjoy your storm chips or some good ol' binge TV. (Wait, I mean, do yoga at home!)

What if I change my mind after I register?
I would cry myself to sleep. And then I would give you a refund, if  I am notified within 48 hours after payment is received.  

Are you from here?
I like this question. It's often a polite attempt at asking what my ethnicity is. So, no I'm not from here (Ottawa born and raised) and I am Cantonese Chinese. And if you made it this far down the screen, this is your reward for reading a list of boring FAQs. Good job!
Deep Stretch Chair, Energizing Chair and Gentle Yoga are drop in classes, meaning they do not require any registration. 

How do the 5-Class & 10-Class Pass work?
The pre-paid passes are a convenient and affordable way for you to come to class without worrying about bringing cash each time. To purchase, just bring your fee (cash, cheque or e-transfer) and ask me at the door. 

  • $40 for 5 classes / $75 for 10 classes. Drop in fee is $10/class.
  • Bring your pass to each class for me to sign.
  • You pick and choose which classes to attend and when. Your pass never expires until you have used them all up!
  • Passes are valid for Deep Stretch Chair, Energizing Chair and Gentle Yoga only and cannot be used for the 8-week yoga sessions.
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