​​What to Expect
Yoga is not for the flexible.
It is for the willing.


At Yoga Magnificat, you'll quickly find that yoga is not about perfection. There are no mirrors and no pressure to do anything you don't want to (And absolutely no expectation to look like a Lululemon model!) We all come in different shapes and sizes: longer torsos, shorter arms, rounder in certain areas, bigger ears, you name it! These differences are what make us unique, so it's important to me that I offer a space that is accepting of who you are the moment you walk in. For this reason, I also strive to  offer different layers (or variations) of poses for you to try. 


The goal of yoga is to listen to your body, become aware of its voice, to respond with compassion and patience.  The most important aspect of yoga is cultivating ease within, which in turn, helps the body find ease in the practice. In a world that often leaves us distracted and rushed, we look to slow down - notice - and find union between mind, body, breath and movement.


 I believe that you are the expert of your own body. You've lived in it and moved with it your entire life. You decide how much and how far you go in a class. All I ask is that you listen to your body and be compassionate toward yourself.  Think of me as your tour guide: You decide which stops to take, which sights to see! ​​

  • CHOOSING A CLASS: Look closely over the class descriptions and make sure you are choosing a class that will best suit your needs, experience and fitness level. (See class descriptions)

  • For your very first class, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to read and sign the waiver of liability form. Please disclose any injuries or health conditions (past heart attack, blood pressure issues, chronic disease, etc.) BEFORE class.

  • Please remove your shoes and socks in the foyer. You will need to be barefooted.

  • Grab a yoga block and strap. I have a limited amount of bolsters and foam kneelers that you may use for padding under sensitive knees, wrists, seat, etc.

  • I like to keep the vibe of my classes casual and playful. You are welcome to wait for class to begin seated on your mat, chatting with others or sitting quietly. ONLY in Yoga Bliss class do I ask that we keep silent 15 min before we start, as the goal here is to relax.

  • I offer detailed verbal instruction as well as physical assists to deepen and enhance your experience. Please expect gentle and respectful physical adjustments as part of class. However, I fully respect your wish to not be touched or adjusted.

  • Class ends with savasana (lying down on the back or relaxed seated position for Chair Yoga) 

    At this time, I may offer an optional shoulder-opening adjustment with essential oils. I will ask in advance if you would prefer to opt out. 

So, don't worry if you're not flexible or fit enough. Put away those automatic negative thoughts like, "I'm too ___" or "I'm not ___ enough."
The only pre-requesite to starting yoga is WILLINGNESS.

​​Are you ready to start your journey? 

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